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What is Doodle Magic ?
Doodle Magic is a unique art education program for children, providing education about various arts and artists all around the world in combination with hands on experience with the projects by using innovative art supplies from abroad. It also brings the awareness about different mediums of art and art as a whole.
What is the teaching methodology?
Doodle Magic has a distinctive teaching methodology of breaking down the instructions step by step. Projects are developed accordingly to teach the complicated concepts of art and artists to child, keeping in mind their ability of comprehension.
What is the curriculum?
Curriculum at Doodle Magic is an elaborate one. Programs are spread  for about  a span of ten months a year. Doodle Magic currently has three levels.

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each level comprises of four activities namely painting, sculpting, paper (collage, origami, kirigami) and one using different mediums of art. Doodle Magic offers exciting summer camps in the months of April and May ever year.

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How does Doodle Magic stand apart from other art classes?
  • At Doodle Magic children get acquainted with various artists’ styles and art from around the world.
  • The exceptional teaching methodology at Doodle Magic itself plays a vital role in making each child learn the elusive concepts in a simple format.
  • The children enrolled for the programme are divided into small groups through which individual attention can be ensured.
  • Interacting with teachers at ease which is usually not a case in traditional art classes.
  • Children are encouraged to create their own art work without duplicating the samples provided by the teachers at Doodle Magic.
  • Levels comprise of different activities (painting, sculpting, paper and different mediums of art). It is an ‘all in one’ program.
  • Children get to use innovative, non-toxic and imported art supplies to create their own terrific masterpieces.
  • Personal attention is given to the students and periodical feedback is given to parents about their child’s or children’s progress in the class.
Children are always priority number one at Doodle Magic.
Where are the classes held?
Refer to classes section to get detailed information about the places and timings of the regular classes.
Duration of the classes?
Each session (activity) lasts up to 2hrs. In a session, a child,

Step 1- Conceives the idea (pattern or design),
Step 2- Follows the technique demonstrated along with the instructions from the teacher
Step 3- Creates project (art works) using great art supplies
Step 4- Explains what it learnt in the class during magic time
Step 5- Takes its masterpiece home along with the learning.
Why Doodle Magic is the right for your child?

Children love art naturally. It hones an important part of their overall psychological development. Doodle Magic can sharpen their naturally intuitive talents with skills and aids. Doodle magic helps children to be creative not only in art but also in their lives.

  • DM gives a platform to children to express their views and imagination.
  • DM has specially developed workshops educating students of different art and artists all around the world.
  • It brings the awareness about different mediums of art and art as a whole.
  • It is a combination program which gives students history and background information about art and artists along with hands on experience with the projects.
  • Children create their masterpieces using innovative and unique imported art supplies.
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